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What are How To Plans?

Maybe your not familiar with Do-it-Yourself Plans and how you can benefit from them.

How To Plans

What exactly are how to plans or how to information anyway? The simple answer is that how to plans are "Plans" or "Blueprints" that teach you how to do something, how to do it yourself, how to build something. So, let's say you want to make a hydrogen generator for your car. You want good plans that explain how to build the hydrogen generator, and you want more then just some blueprints that show the various pieces and dimensions. How do they fit together? What problems might you encounter? What materials do you need? Tools? How much will it cost to build it? How does it work? What safety precautions must be taken? These questions all need to be part of the plans you choose. Good how to information and plans will explain and show you how to build it, or make it from A-Z. Sketches, drawings, or even blueprints are fine, but detailed explanations are important so there are no unanswered questions.

Good plans and how to information should have at the very least, the following:

  • Drawings, photos, or schematics with clearly marked dimensions and sizes
  • Step by step explanations of the entire building process
  • How to use your newly built item
  • Potential problems and snags you might encounter
  • Frequently asked questions that may arise during the building process
  • Estimated cost, possible substitutes for materials, and where to acquire the materials
Do it Yourself Plans
Being self sufficient, building and doing things for yourself is not just a luxury, but often times a necessity, and we understand that. - Plans for the DIY and Self Sufficient

Our plans are different so you receive maximum benefit, minimal questions unanswered, and are completely satisfied that you received only the most complete plans available anywhere.
Our goal is to give you how to plans you really can benefit from, plans designed and laid out the way I would want to see them. So, if your looking to build yourself a featherweight duck boat, a shop workbench, a potato launcher, compost tumbler, hunting tree stand, hydrogen generator or whatever comes to mind, we can help. Let's take a potato launcher for example. You will be shown a complete breakdown of the materials and tools needed with photos. How much, where to buy, and possible substitutes if available. We will then take you thru the building process with detailed explanations and a step by step photo by photo process. We will show you what to avoid, safety precautions, how to test fire and more. You will find problem solving, frequently asked questions, and a support contact if you have a problem you can't solve.
We also have a 2 Year Ironclad Upgrade Guarantee. This means when you buy a plan from us, and let's say 8 months later we improve or modify the items plan, we will send you the upgraded plan for free!

DIY Plans

So, if your a DIY (do it yourself) type individual, you enjoy doing things for yourself or are new to building your own things, can offer you the most complete detailed how to plans so you can build with complete confidence. Making things yourself is not just satisfying, it can save you money, and more often then not your completed item will be much better then what you could buy off the shelf, and with more features!

Plans are Flexible and Personal

Our plans are designed for function and good looks as well. We don't use the most expensive materials, nor the cheapest. Our designs, as should all plans, are flexible so you can make small changes to suit your needs or budget. Let's say a plan call for a piece of angle iron. You could go to the store and buy it, or maybe you already have a piece around the house, it could even be a little different size.
Ask yourself these questions before making changes to any plans:
  • Do the changes you plan to make cause any safety hazards to the function of the item?
  • Am I removing an important safety feature?
  • Will the change improve the design and function?
  • Do you understand completely the affect the change in the plan will make?
  • Am I improving or degrading the plan?

The reason these questions are important to ask, is you may make a change that could cause the item in question to become unsafe, or degrade it's performance, etc..
Everything can be improved upon, EVERYTHING! We encourage anyone that has the budget, to make improvements and personalize the plan you are building. Change the paint scheme, use materials around the house to save money. That is what our plans are all about, that's what DIY (do it yourself) is all about. Using your mind to create, improve, expand, excel!
We give you a base, a core for your design project. You can build it EXACTLY the way we specify, and you'll have a fully funtioning good looking item. But don't be afraid to make changes you think will improve it's performance for you. Maybe an attachment should be different for your setup and needs. Use your mind, expand, think, see the function in your head. If you understand the function and how something operates, then nothing will stop you!

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